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Every woman needs a Baby Moon!


Baby Moon Balm is a celebration of the changing of seasons. We have come together with our dear friends and neighbors ANTHUS to create a formula that caters to a woman’s changing body during and after pregnancy.




-During pregnancy to nourish and hydrate stretching skin.


-After pregnancy for loose or scarred skin.


What is inside?


-Tallow + Rose Hip Oil- A match made in heaven for promoting elastin (stretchy skin that bounces back) and keeping your belly hydrated.


– Blue Tansy- Breath deep! This oil promotes peace and calm.


-Frankincense- Known for preventing and treating scars.


-Geranium- Added for skin discoloration and tightening loose skin.


-Citrus Oils- Added for highly protective properties, YUM smell, and itchy skin doesn’t stand a chance!



What is ANTHUS? Read on my friend…


ANTHUS is a company on a mission to provide a community that celebrates each woman in their journey of pregnancy and motherhood.


It’s all about motherhood + sisterhood.


They provide a beautiful place for woman to gather, learn, connect, be heard and cared for at a time when women can feel disconnected and alone.


Learn more about this growing community of women and how you can join on Instagram @anthusmidlandtx or FB @anthus … or drop by and visit!  4425 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707



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