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We are so excited to collaborate with Anthus here in Midland, TX!


Introducing our very first luxurious whipped serum and moisturizer in one.


 Use it one time and feel your skin the next day…you won’t believe how soft it is!


Blue tansy calms and protects your skin against damage while rose gently cleanses and smooths.


GOOD FOR: Aging Skin


-Amazing for an eye and neck cream!

-Smooths and calms irritated skin.

-Extra hydration with rose hip oil.

-Use all over the face as a whipped serum and moisturizer in one.


Size: 1oz

Available seasonally as these oils are precious and limited amounts have been known to be available from our farmers from time to time.


What is ANTHUS? Read on my friend…


ANTHUS is a company on a mission to provide a community that celebrates each woman in their journey of pregnancy and motherhood.


It’s all about motherhood + sisterhood.


They provide a beautiful place for woman to gather, learn, connect, be heard and cared for at a time when women can feel disconnected and alone.


Learn more about this growing community of women and how you can join on Instagram @anthusmidlandtx or FB @anthus… or drop by and visit!  4425 W Wadley Ave, Midland, TX 79707




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