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We are kicking off Summer early this year!

Time to sit back and get refreshed. Enjoy the scent of summer in this amazing whipped tallow.

This tallow can be used all over as a fragrance oil as well as nourishment for your sun-kissed skin!

This amazing fragrance is a blend of Clinique Happy and Beyond Paradise by Este Lauder.

Happy and Free promotes relaxation, refreshment, and mental clarity…all of the things we love about Summer.

So, what do we have in our Happy and Free Summer Tallow?

Grass Fed/Finished Tallow and Organic Unprocessed Coconut Oil….


Sweet Orange: Increases circulation, cleansing, smooth skin, improves complexion, calming.

Sandalwood: Anti-Aging, Brings Clarity, Focus, Relaxing, Antioxidants.

-“One of the primary sandalwood benefits I that it promotes mental clarity when used as an incense or fragrance.”

-“Not only is sandalwood beneficial for mental clarity, it also helps to create a feeling of relaxation and peace.”

-“Since one of sandalwood’s benefits is clarity, it also can work as a memory booster.”

-“Sandalwood is high in antioxidants that can help reduce damage caused by free radicals, which promote aging.”

Bergamot: Uplifting, Cleansing. Relaxant, Helps with Scars.

-“Bergamot oil is used in skin soaps because it helps to inhibit the growth of bacteria and fungi. ”

-“Bergamot oil has soothing, antiseptic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, so it works well to boost the health of your skin when applied topically. Bergamot essential oil can be used to get rid of scars and marks on the skin, tone the skin and soothe skin irritations.”

-“And a 2017 pilot study found that when bergamot oil was inhaled for 15 minutes by women in the waiting room of a mental health treatment center. Researchers found that bergamot exposure improved the positive feelings of participants in the experimental group.”


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