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Introducing our line of 1oz. Flying Cow Cleansers.

The main ingredient? Tallow of course!

We have partnered with Susan, owner of Vayas Homegrown Health and Beauty, to bring you the perfect product to use before applying our whipped tallow balms.

She has a story much like our own. Susan is a hard working mother that loves pouring out her creativity in healthy skincare products! We tried her soaps in 2018 and haven’t found a better soap since!

This soap is handcrafted with high quality natural ingredients, and gets your face clean without dehydrating it.

DIRECTIONS: We recommend using our cleanser with a clean washcloth to get the full benefits! Use a new/clean washcloth with each wash. Lather washcloth with bar of soap and cleans face a couple times until clean, dry, and follow with your favorite Flying Cow tallow.

Cleanse + moisturize. Doesn’t get any better or more simple than that!

Who is Susan with Vayas Homegrown Heath and Beauty?

Susan, owner and soapmaker at Vayas Homegrown began her journey 10 years ago when her and her family’s sensitive skin just couldn’t take any more store bought products. After much trial and error, she created products that worked for them all the while relishing this creative outlet. A few years later, Vayas Homegrown was born. Vayas is a transliteration of a Sanskrit word meaning energy (both bodily and mental), strength, health, vigour, power and might. It also means small bird which is why she used a bird in her logo.

She continues to grow, still creating hand crafted small batch soap and wellness products. She carefully selects herbs and plant oils that encourage radiant, healthy skin and essential oils that work to improve physical, mental and emotional well-being. She uses as many organic ingredients as possible, supplied from ethically and sustainably harvested producers. All of her products are GMO free, palm free and gluten free.


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